The main reason I continue coming back is the fact that everyone is so gentle while working on me. It is always a comfortable experience.
Even when money was an issue, your office always worked with me.
Your staff is the kindest of any dental or medical office I've seen.
You have the most prompt schedule of any healthcare professional I visit. I appreciate your consideration of my time.
I'm always impressed that Dr. Wright uses the most up-to-date technology.
Before I found Dr. Wright, I hated going to the dentist.
All of my adult life, for my dental needs, I've been searching for quality dental care. Finally, I've found Dr. Heather Wright and she's the best! Dr. Wright not only fixes my dental problems, she helps me to prevent them in the first place. She listens to me and really understands my teeth.
Exceptional treatment! I have never had a better dentist or hygienist.
Dr. Wright is very accommodating with my busy work schedule and make each visit pleasant and comfortable.
For years, I tolerated unattractive and less than healthy teeth. After finally making the decision to get new crowns, I realize it was one of the most satisfactory expenditures I have ever made. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the results.
I had always been self conscious about the space between my 2 front teeth. Dr Wright quickly and painlessly corrected this problem, and now I have more confidence than ever when I smile.
Dr. Wright took the time to make me feel more comfortable in the dental chair. I was very fearful of the dentist but Dr. Wright and her staff were very reassuring and took time to make sure that my visits were pain free.